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Religious Education

Whole School Curriculum Map for Religious Education


RE at the Park

The Government states that every pupil or student in a maintained school has a statutory entitlement to religious education.

At The Park we follow the South Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus “ Mystery and Meaning”

Our aims are:

  • to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • to enable children to understand the nature of religion and what it would mean to take a religion seriously through an understanding of religious beliefs and practices
  • to learn about religion and belief and learn from religion and belief

The South Gloucestershire scheme can be found by following the link below.

We organise the scheme into themes that are taught over two terms as set out in the grid below. Wherever possible we link RE teaching with our topic and we also teach religious and cultural festivals that may not be set out in the scheme.

In Foundation year we follow the Early Learning goals set out in ‘Understanding the World.’ We also enjoy celebrating and learning about the religious festivals Chinese New Year, Christmas and Easter and customs that are linked. We visit Holy Trinity Church to find out what happens at a traditional church wedding.

In key stage 1 we teach RE through topics and we study Christianity and at least one other religion.

We also enjoy learning about cultural celebrations like Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Divali as well as Christmas and Easter.

In key stage 2 we learn about Christianity and at least 2 other religions and organise the curriculum into topics that are explored over two terms.

We have a wide range of books and resources to help us learn about different religions.

We enjoy close links with Holy Trinity church and classes visit regularly to find out about the role of the church in our community. Reverend Huzzey and his ministry team are regular visitors to our school.

We enjoy learning about celebrations and festivals together.

Would you like to read the Christian story of creation? You can click the picture to read the story
Do you know what the 5 pillars of Islam are? You can click the picture to find out
Would you like to find out what the meaning of the 5K’s are in Sikhism? You can click the picture to find out
How do Hindu’s celebrate Divali? You can click the picture to find out
Which religion does this star belong to? You can click the picture to find out
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