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Curriculum Overview

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Theme Focus History/Geography Science


History/Geography Science Science Arts
Year 1 Changes within living memory, significant individuals Everyday materials The seaside Plants Animals Collage and Printing
Year 2 Event beyond living memory, significant individuals

(transport then and now)

Materials for different purposes Around the World Plants and animals in their habitats Animals Food and hygiene Textiles and Sculpture
Year 3 Bristol

Stone age, Iron age, Romans

Rocks and Soils Ancient Egypt Plants and animals

Nutrition, life cycles

Forces Magnets and Light Collage and Printing
Year 4 (Bristol +)Britain’s settlers and invaders

Anglo Saxon, Vikings, Normans

States of matter – liquids, solids, gases Caribbean /Distant shore Living things in their habitats Sound and electricity Textiles and Sculpture
Year 5 Battling Britain (+ impact on Bristol)


Changes in materials Ancient Greece Living things in their habitats Earth space and forces Collage and Printing
Year 6 What is home? Light and electricity Early Islamic civilisation OR Benin Living things in their habitats


Revision of science Textiles and Sculpture
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