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Extra Curricular Clubs

Every year the children at The Park Primary School are able to take part in a range of extra curricular clubs. 

“My youngest has just come home with a new found interest in reading!  Really impressed because its always been a struggle with James and now he is holding his book, all excited and has walked in the door sat down and instead of watching tv or playing on an ipad , he is reading! I am so impressed with library club”.  Parent Year 3 

After School SPORTS CLUBS – SPORTS CLUBS 2018-19

Teacher Club Day and time Term Yr Grp
Miss Harris & Miss Cumming Construction Club Tues 3.15-4pm 3 KS1
Mrs Roe Library Club Wed & Thurs lunch time All KS2
Mrs Hodge Cookery Club Tues 3.15-4.15pm 5&6 KS1
Mr Bickle        
Miss Broom Choir Thurs 3.15-4pm 1 YR 5&6
Mr Hall Cricket Thurs  3.15-4.15pm 6 Yr 3& 4
Ms Thompson Code Club Mon 3.15-4.15pm All Yr 6
Miss Wilmer Girls Football Mon 3.15-4.15pm 1&3 Yr 3,4,5 & 6
Miss Wilmer Netball Mon 3.15-4.15pm 2&4 Yr 4,5,&6
Miss Wilmer Rounders Mon 3.15-4.15pm 5&6 Yr 3,4,5 &6
Mrs Wilce & Mrs Grainger Art Club Thurs 3.15-4.15pm 2&3 KS2
Miss Fleming & Mrs Clifford Language Club Tues 3.15-4pm 3&4 KS2
Mr Suthern & Mr Rowsell Cookery Club Tues 3.15pm-4.30pm 2,3,4&5 KS2
Mr Pitt Tag Rugby Tues 3.15-4.15pm 3,4,5&6 KS2
Mr Bickle Table Tennis Mon 3.15-4.15pm 2 Yr 6
Mr Bickle Cricket Thurs 3.15-4.15pm 4 & 5 Yr 5&6

Cooking Club

Our hugely popular after school year 6 cooking club is run by Mr Rowsell and Mr Suthern, otherwise known as ‘Sweet & Sour’!  This time it was a healthy meal of pasta with vegetable sauce and salad… Not sure who did the washing up!

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