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Pupil Leadership Team

The Park Primary is committed to developing pupils’ skills as leaders across the school in order to develop their personal and social development. The aim is that as many pupils as possible are given the opportunity to lead, regardless of their ability. The school does this without having a traditional school council. The idea in principle is that children have an opportunity to say how their school is lead and fully embrace the chance to develop areas of school priority or importance.

The approach to pupil leadership that has been introduced involves many pupils. It allows them to develop their skills and confidence helping to run the school.

We have organised 11 different teams so as many children in our large school have an opportunity to lead with a teacher who has a keen interest in that particular area of our school life.

In an assembly at the start of the year, teachers outlined the qualities children would need to be in their particular leadership team. All children applied for specific teams and were chosen in Term 2.

The teams were The A Team (art and indoor learning environment); The Eco-Team, The Entrepreneur Team, Digital Leaders, Library leadership team, Charity Team, Handwriting Team, Maths Team, Communication Team, Community Team and Equalities Team.

Come and have a look at our roles within the school.

We will be adding to these pages as the year progresses so you can see all the great work we will be completing.

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