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Breakfast Club

October is…

Black History Month

at the Park Early Birds and Park ‘n’ Play Clubs

This month both Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs will be putting on a range of activities to highlight the positive contributions made by people of colour down through the centuries.

Did you know that the traffic light system was devised and patented in 1923 by an African American named Garrett Augustus Morgan?  This is just one of the gems we will be exploring over the month.  There will also be food tasting, creative activities and cooking.




March 4, 1877- July 27, 1963

Breakfast Club Charter

The Park Primary Breakfast Club will:

  • Provide a safe and relaxed place for pupils to enjoy breakfast
  • Serve healthy and nutritious food, limiting bacon sandwiches to one per child per week
  • Keep a register of all pupils attending the club
  • Provide tabletop activities for learning and enjoyment

Guidance for Pupils and Parents:

  • Only pupils eating breakfast at the club are able to attend
  • Pupils will be allowed into the club between 7.30am and 8am (£1 entry) and 8am and 8.20am (50p entry)
  • Breakfast will be served between 7.30am and 8.20am
  • We encourage healthy eating – pupils are allowed a bacon sandwich once a week
  • Following breakfast, pupils will move to the activity tables in the hall
  • Pupils will be asked to tidy up before leaving at the first bell
  • Pupils should remain in the hall until the first bell goes
  • Pupils are expected to stay for wake and shake when running
  • Pupils should not open any external doors to let others in
  • Only those pupils eating breakfast are able to use the breakfast club
  • Parents can accompany their children to breakfast club – unfortunately no toddlers are allowed

Breakfast Club Menu

Item Price
Bacon sandwich (Fridays only) £1.00
Beans on Wholemeal Toast 40p
Wholemeal Toast 10p
Wholemeal Toast with Jam or Marmite spread 15p
Cereal 40p
Yoghurt 25p
Fruit Juice, cup 15p
Milk, cup 25p
Fresh Fruit 15p
Fair-trade tea 30p
Fair-trade coffee 35p
Low calorie Hot Chocolate Drink 40p
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