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The new National Curriculum can be found here:

Writing at the Park:

At The Park we aim for every child to be able to express themselves clearly and confidently in writing and speaking. We work hard to develop children’s understanding of the basic rules and conventions of English whilst also teaching them how to write for different genres, audiences and purposes.

Throughout each term, children complete units of work in which there is an extended piece of writing at the end. Each child will have the opportunity during this unit to work independently and in a group with the teacher. We also provide opportunities for the children to write across the curriculum both in English lessons and topic lessons.

In Key Stage 1, we place great emphasis upon children being able to speak clearly and confidently before they can write. Therefore, we follow a Talk for Writing approach. In Key Stage 2, this develops into children analysing texts prior to writing them. We also place great importance upon teacher marking/feedback and we require children to proofread, edit and respond to any directions given.

The new curriculum has a greater emphasis upon grammar and punctuation. The teaching of the terminology is taught discretely during units of work and then children are encouraged to apply this in their extended pieces of work.

The school has adopted a joined handwriting script and this is taught daily in Key Stage 1 and weekly in Key Stage 2. Our system of a pen licence encourages children to place value on the development of correct letter formation and to take pride in the work they produce.

How can I help my child at home with writing?

Get your children writing at home as often as possible. Write diaries of their holidays, recounts of their fun weekends, set up writing areas in your homes with note pads, lots of different pens and pencils, envelopes, cards, invitations and books. Try and get them excited about writing.

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