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Children begin the Read Write Inc Phonics programme when they start in Reception.

They learn a new sound every day and the handwriting saying that goes with it. This helps children to remember the sound and how to form the letter correctly.

Video: Single sounds – Coming soon…

As they learn the single sounds children begin to make 2 and 3 letter words. (CVC words) they will first read them and then begin to write them. Each sound is accompanied by a rhyme that helps children to remember them. Alongside this children start to read ‘red words’ these are the tricky words that can’t be sounded are but often come up in books.

Video of a phonics session with activities Coming soon…

When the children have learnt the single sounds they begin to move on to 2 and 3 letter sounds these are called diagraphs and trigraphs.

Eg: sh, ay, ee, igh

Video: Diagraphs/trigraphs – Coming soon…

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