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Year 5

The Team

Class 5RW
Teachers: Mrs Rainbow

Class 5N
Teacher: Mr Nicholls

Class 5P
Teacher: Mr Pitt

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sims, Ms Burns, Miss Purnell, Miss Sluzalec, Miss Trescothick & Miss Abbott


About Year 5

As the first year of upper key stage two, year 5 is a big but exciting challenge! Throughout the year we explore learning through some engaging topic work.

In Term 1 we learn all Ancient Egypt. We delve into the ancient world of mummies, tombs and amazing architecture.

In Term 2 we head to Space and find out all about wonderful planet and galaxies. We also learn lots of fascinating fact about space.

In Term 3 we travel to India to find out about this fascinating country. We look at many areas such as its food, its culture and its history.

In Term 4 we go back in time to the 1500’s to experience the magical world of William Shakespeare. We will become actors, playwrights and theatre critics.

In Term 5 we explore what Healthy Living actually means. We look at questions such as: what is a balanced diet and what we can do to keep fit.

Finally in Term 6 we will undertake an ‘Apprentice’ style challenge where we will create a business plan in order to win a pitch and create project.


Homework will differ each week and be based around Maths and English or Topic. In addition to this, there is always spelling and timetables to work on! If there are any problem, please feel free to contact the class teacher.

Class Activities

Year 5 swimming: November – December (Thursday morning)


PE – Mon



PE – Mon



PE – Mon  


All classes will have an extra PE session every 3rd Friday.

In year 5 we expect children to wear white or house colours t-shirts, dark shorts / jogging bottoms and suitable footwear. No jewellery is to be worn and hair must be tied back.

2017-18 Booklet



Key Performance Indicators for Year 5

Download: Curriculum for Year 5


Throughout the year we explore learning through some engaging topic work.

Term 1
Ancient Egypt

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5
Healthy Living

Term 6
Mini Enterprise

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