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Year 5

The Team

Class 5R
Teachers: Mrs Rainbow

Class 5W
Teacher: Miss Woodington

Class 5J
Teacher: Mr Jones

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Everett, Mrs Gillard, Mrs Clark, Mrs Sims (ELSA –TA), Ms Trescothick

About Year 5

As the first year of upper key stage two, year 5 is a big but exciting challenge! Throughout the year we explore learning through different types of engaging theme work.

In Term 1 we learn all about the Amazing Americas. We delve into the theme exploring its tradition, culture and history. The key focus in this term is geography, where we get to become geographers and learn a variety of skills.

In Term 2 we head back in time to Ancient Greece, where we become expert historians and delve into all aspects of life in this era. We also learn lots of fascinating fact about Ancient Greece, including archaeology, Greek gods and the first Olympic Games.

In Term 3 we become scientists and get to explore science practically, conducting a variety of experiments, using a range of equipment. This term is full of motivating and fascinating units, including space, forces, animals and humans and investigation work.

In Term 4 we get to explore a variety of DT units, including food, construction and mechanics. This fun filled term is full of hands on activities, where we will get to design and make products, practise cooking techniques and create innovative design.

Finally in Term 5 and 6, we will be getting creative learning about art and music


Homework will be given out each term and will be based on a variety of subjects including English and maths, as well as more creative activities such as model making and cooking. In addition to this, there is always reading, spelling and timetables to work on! If there are any problems, please feel free to contact the class teacher.

Class Activities

Year 5 swimming: November – December (Thursday afternoons)

PE – Tuesday

GAMES – Friday

In year 5 we expect children to wear white or house colours t-shirts, dark shorts / jogging bottoms and suitable footwear. No jewellery is to be worn and hair must be tied back.

2019-20 Booklet



Key Performance Indicators for Year 5

Download: Curriculum for Year 5


Throughout the year we explore learning through some engaging topic work.

Term 1
The Amazing Americas- Geography

Term 2
Groovy Greeks- History

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

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