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Year 4

The Team

Class 4HA
Teacher: Miss Aitken

Class 4P
Teacher: Miss Price

Class 4W
Teacher: Miss Wilmer

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Millard, Mrs Clark & Mrs Everett


About Year 4

P.E. will take place on Wednesdays and on Thursdays or Fridays (in a rotating programme) in 4HA, 4P and 4W. However timetables may change so please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school from Monday to Friday. Your child should have the following items in their PE kit: black shorts/joggers, a house colour/white t-shirt and daps or trainers. It is also a good idea for them to have a tracksuit top at least to wear during the colder months as we do still do P.E. If your child cannot do P.E. for medical reasons please let your class teacher know in person or with a note. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. If your child cannot remove their earrings, please provide tape to cover them

There is a Homework Sheet given out at the beginning of every term on, which relate to that term’s topic, with nine different activities it ranging from Maths, to Art and Design. The children are expected to have completed at least two of these (but can do as many as they wish) by the end of that term and have brought them into school.  They will then be given the opportunity to share their work the class in some form – this may be show and tell or a ‘gallery’ where the whole class can look at each other’s work.

Year 4 homework also includes:

1) reading at least 3 times every week.

2) practising their times tables every week

Children will be expected to read at least 3 times a week at home, with their reading log book signed and dated, by an adult, to show this. We would greatly appreciate it if this could be encouraged to ensure children progress as expected in Year 4. It is of huge value to also discuss your child’s book with them and ensure they understand it as comprehension is real focus in Year 4.

Year 4 will be doing swimming in a week block.  This will probably take place in Term 3. Please ensure your child brings a swimming kit including, appropriate swimwear (no bikinis or long shorts), a towel and goggles if your child wishes. Long hair should also be tied up out of the way.


Key Performance Indicators for Year 4

Download: Curriculum for Year 4


As the second year of lower key stage two we are settled in to our new key stage and ready to continue our learning. Over the year we explore a variety of exciting and engaging topics.

In Term 1 we learn all about Chocolate! This is a fantastic first topic as we learn all about chocolate and where it comes from.  We read one on Roald Dahl’s most famous books and there might even be some chocolate tasting to help us on our way!

In Term 2 we travel back in time to Ancient Greece and read and write some of the stories from that time. We also spend some time finding out about mythical creatures and all their wild and wonderful skills.

In Term 3 we travel to the rainforest and learn all about them and why they are so important in the world.

In Term 4 we look at all things robotic from what the first robots could do, to iron Man, to designing our own robots to help out around the school – you never know maybe Mr Dee will like one of them enough to have it made!

In Term 5 we travel to Africa in our class book ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and spend some time imagining what it would be like to be a soldier in World War 2.

Finally in Term 6 we travel right back in time to learn about Invaders and Settlers – the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings – and retell the story of Beowulf through after reading a graphic novel, which is our class book.


Every week:

  • Read at least 3 times
  • Learn times tables and corresponding division facts
  • Maths/English activity (alternate weeks)
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