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Year 3

The Team

Class 3M
Teacher: Miss McKay

Class 3G
Teacher: Mrs Grainger

Class 3W
Teacher: Mrs Wilkins

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alford, Mrs Smith

About Year 3

Welcome to Key Stage 2

Behaviour, Rules and Expectations
We expect children to:

  • Follow the school and class rules.
  • Listen to others & be polite and show respect.
  • Walk around school sensibly.
  • Try hard in lessons.
  • Produce written work that is neat and use rulers to underline.
  • Help keep their classroom tidy.
  • Keep their feet and hands to themselves in the classroom.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Respect other people’s property.
  • Follow playground and lunchtime rules.

3P – Monday and Tuesday
3G – Monday and Tuesday
3W – Tuesday and Wednesday

Children will be swimming every afternoon the week beginning Monday 4th February. The children will need sensible swim wear. No baggy shorts or bikinis please. Children with long hair will need to tie it up and all earrings should be removed.

They are welcome to bring swimming goggles. During the first lesson, the children will be split into 3 groups. Novice swimmers do not require arm bands and will be catered for.

Weekly Homework

We expect the children to read at least 3 times a week. This should include discussions with your child about what they have read to check for understanding. Our aim is to foster a love of books and for reading to be a activity they enjoy. Please sign and date your child’s reading record every time you read with them.

Times Tables
Your child is given specific timetables to learn which they will be tested on weekly

Please practise times tables regularly as it is a vital life skill. The children will be tested once a week and have the chance to move their name up the ladder once they get 12/12 3 times in a row. We encourage children to practise all of the tables that they have learnt so far as well as their focus tables.

Termly Homework

2019-20 Booklet



Key Performance Indicators for Year 3

Download: Curriculum for Year 3


We cover a variety of fun themes throughout the year and may ask your child to bring in items from home to support these.

Terms 1 and 2- Rocking up to the Romans

We will be learning about ancient history from the Stone Age through to the Roman era and how the civilisations developed.

(History and Geography focus)

Term 3- Rock Stars!

(Science and Design Technology focus)

Term 4- TBA

(Science and Design Technology focus)

Terms 5 and 6 – TBA

 (The Arts)

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