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Year 3

The Team

Class 3H
Teacher: Miss Harris

Class 3JH
Teacher: Mrs Harris-Simpson

Class 3AH
Teacher: Mr A Hall

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Millard, Mrs Smith, Mrs Clark & Mrs Everett


About Year 3

Welcome to Key Stage 2
Weekly routine

3H – Monday and Tuesday
3J – Monday and Tuesday
3M – Monday and Tuesday

Please practise times tables regularly as it is a vital life skill. The children will be tested every Friday morning and have the chance to move their name up the ladder once they get 12/12 3 times in a row.

Once a week in Term 4
Children are welcome to bring swimming goggles. They will be split into 3 groups. Novice swimmers do not require arm bands and will be catered for.

School Trips

Term 3 Bristol Zoo and Term 6 Caerleon Roman Fortress

Behaviour, Rules and Expectations
We expect children to:

  • Follow the school and class rules.
  • Listen to others & be polite around school.
  • Walk around school sensibly.
  • Try hard in lessons.
  • Produce written work that is neat and use rulers to underline.
  • Help keep their classroom tidy.
  • Keep their feet and hands to themselves in the classroom.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Respect other people’s property.
  • Follow playground and lunchtime rules.

2017-18 Booklet

2017-18 Y3 Booklet


Key Performance Indicators for Year 3

Download: Curriculum for Year 3


We cover a variety of fun topics throughout the year and may ask your child to bring in items from home to support these.

Term 1- Our Community, Our Country

(Geography focus)

Term 2- Looking After Our World

(RE/PHSE focus)

 Term 3- Endangered Animals

(Geography focus)

Term 4- Celebrating Our Differences

 (RE/PHSE focus)

Term 5- Early Civilisations- South America

(History focus)

Term 6- Romans and Volcanoes

(History focus)


Weekly Homework

Read at least 3 times a week

Times Tables
Your child is given specific timetables to learn which they will be tested on weekly


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