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Y2 – Take a look at us

Some of our wonderful Term 5 homework.

Junk modelling of bridges we designed and made for our incredible invention  topic (focussing on Isambard Kingdom Brunel) and our homework tasks.

Some of our wonderful Term 3 homework.


Once Upon A Fairytale….

We have been looking at different versions of traditional tales and writing our own versions of them. Little Red was a boy in our story and the wolf loved drinking ginger beer! ‘No Dinner’ is the next story we are looking at and it is a traditional folk tale from India, the old lady wants to visit her granddaughter but she comes across lots of forest animals wanting to eat her!

Maths has been interesting too. We have now learnt about all 4 operations and are trying really hard to remember all the strategies we have been using. It can be quite tricky J

We are trying to improve our artistic skills and have been exploring colour and mixing. It can get messy!

Lots of throwing and catching skills are being worked on in PE lessons and we are trying to improve our accuracy and distance.

2H are hard at work practicing their class assembly for the end of this term. Spoiler alert…. It’s about Shrove Tuesday and they get to make pancakes.


Our Displays

These photographs show a selection of displays from the children in Year 2. You will notice that some of the displays seem unfinished. This is because they are working or learning displays which grow as the term/topic progresses. So, if the photo was taken at the beginning of a term or topic then the display with have just a bit on it and if the photo was taken at the end of the term or topic it will be full. It is great to see our work progress as the term/topic reaches its conclusion.

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