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School Trips and Visits

Year 6 Trip to Bristol

On Friday the 13th  of October, we boarded the coach at 9:15am to make our way to Clifton Suspension Bridge. After arriving at Clifton Suspension Bridge, we got into our groups and marched across the bridge. Feeling excited, we walked off of the bridge and started to make our way to Constitution Hill. While arriving at Constitution Hill, we all trotted down the hill and it was so steep!

We saw many Edwardian and Georgian built houses on our way to Cabot Tower. We ate lunch on the top of the hill before making our way up the 109 steps of Cabot Tower. The views were amazing and you could see all of Bristol’s big landmarks. Some children got a little scared as the steps were small and steep but overall it was exciting.

From our descent down from Cabot Tower, we made our way to the Harbourside, ready for our boat trip at 1pm. We went past Bristol Cathedral, Bristol University and many other landmarks such as We Are Curious (which use to be @Bristol!) We hopped on the boat and it was so much fun! The driver of the boat encouraged us to wave to everyone and make loads of noise when going under any bridge! It was so loud! Funnily, lots of us also kept getting people to dab back to us and even a builder on the top of a scaffold did! After an hour, we jumped off at Mud Dock to make our way back to the Hippodrome so we could catch the coach back to school.

Year 6 at Mill-On-The-Brue


Year 1 Farm Trip


Year 5 @Bristol – 16th November 2016


Year 6 in London – 14th October 2016

Our year 6 children aboard their boat trip on the Thames and outside Number 10!!



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