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The Team

Yellow Class
Teacher: Miss Wyatt

Red Class
Teacher: Miss Walters

Blue Class
Teacher: Miss Cumming

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Skuse, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Spill

This year during reception your child will begin to develop the skills they have learnt during nursery and use them to develop their independence for learning and build on positive relationships with others. The children will be part of the foundation stage curriculum during this year. The foundation stage is play-based curriculum where children learn through both structured and independent play.  Children deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning and responding to adults and each other.

Physical Education (PE)

Your Child’s PE lesson will take place on: Wednesday. Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school every week ready for their lesson.  All kit and school uniform needs to be clearly named.

Forest Schools

One session on a Wednesday every 3 weeks. Wellington boots and a waterproof jacket are needed please.

Reading and Phonics

Your child will be given a reading day. Each week we will listen to your child read on their given day and we will test their keywords. Your child will be given a new book each week and receive new keywords when they can recognise all 8 words through sight recognition not by sounding and blending.


In reception, we expect the children to:

  • Use kind words
  • Use kind hands
  • Share
  • Listen to each other and their grown ups

Reception Booklet



Key Performance Indicators for EYFS

Download: Curriculum for EYFS


Term 1 
Marvellous me!

Term 2
I’m a Superhero!

Term 3
Roll Up Roll Up!

Term 4
Traditional tales

Term 5
We’re Going to the Zoo – Do You Want to Come Too?

Term 6
All Aboard!

Homework Overview


Please help your child to complete the sound sheets, which will be in their phonics folders when we finish each set of sounds.  These sheets help your child to say the sound and form the letter correctly.


At the beginning of the year your child will be given a reading day.  Each week we will listen to your child read on their given day and test their sight words.  Please make sure you share and enjoy books with your child and listen to them read as often as possible.  Even just 5 minutes a day makes a big impact on their reading development.


As well as learning to recognise and use numbers, we also encourage the children to use and understand as much mathematical language as possible in their daily routine. To support your child’s learning, look out for opportunities to find numbers in the environment and use language related to counting, weighing, measuring and time.  This will help to make maths fun and purposeful for your child.

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