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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Learning and Eco Schools aim to empower children to become aspirational, global citizens.

Outdoor Learning develops their self-esteem, cooperation, creativity and enjoyment of the outside world.  Whilst increasing their confidence it develops their leadership skills, improves well-being and behaviour.  The children are given the freedom which empowers them to be forward thinking, problem solving, independent decision makers.

Eco Schools inspires the children to be responsible citizens within their local and the global community.  The UN Sustainable Development Goals are woven through the work that the children do.  This is supported by taking part in countrywide competitions and research projects empowering the children to become positive, aspirational role models who encourage other children and the community to take action.

  • Resilience is developed whilst they problem solve – both as individuals and in teams and reflect on their success or struggles.
  • The learn responsibility for each other’s personal safety and their environment (both local and eventually global).  Building up skills which enable them to look after themselves, each other and their surrounds.
  • Collaboration is essential to many activities when children work in teams to survive, build, collect data and use tools. 
  • Outdoor Learning lessons have ‘SMART’ objectives to include every member of the school community in success.

This best way to see what we do for Outdoor Education is to visit the website of our partners –

My Five Years Learning Outside the Classroom at The Park Primary School, Bristol

Below are images of some of the activities we cover in Outdoor Education sessions.

Outdoor Education Pupil Progress Skills

Download: Outdoor Learning Progression Skills


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