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Meet the Staff

Executive Head

Mrs Absalom

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Meadows
Head of School

Mr Rowsell (Assessment)
Deputy Head

Mrs Lines (SEND)
Deputy Head


Teaching and Learning Leadership Team

Mr Nicholls
Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

Mrs Price
Lower Key Stage 2 Lead

Mrs Hodge
Key Stage 1 Lead

Miss Walters
Foundation Lead

The Office Team

Miss Phillips
School Business Manager

Mrs  O’Hara

Mrs Wilmer

Mrs Farr

Miss Friday


Teaching Team

Miss Walters (EYFS)
Red Class teacher

Miss Robinson (English)
Yellow Class Teacher

Miss Cumming (PSHE)
Blue Class Teacher

Mrs Morgan (Red Class)
Teaching Assistant

Ms Long (Yellow Class)
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Skuse (Blue Class)
Teaching Assistant

Miss Lyons (Red Class)
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clifford (EAL)
1C Class teacher

Miss Fleming (DT)
1F Class teacher

Miss Beddoe (Humanities)
1B Class teacher


Mrs Stone
1C Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans
1F Teaching Assistant

Mrs Poland
1B Teaching Assistant


Miss Broom (Music)
2B Class Teacher

Mrs Hodge (English)
2H Class Teacher

Mr Nicholls (Maths)
2N Class Teacher


Mrs Alford
Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rainey
Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gillard
Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Grainger (EAL)
3G Class Teacher

Miss Price (Science)
3P Class Teacher

Mrs Wilkins
3W Class Teacher


Miss Harris (Humanities)
4H Class Teacher

Miss Pilgrim
4P Class Teacher

Miss Wilmer (PE)
4W Class Teacher


Mrs Everett
Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clark
Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith
Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Mr Pitt (PE)
5P Class Teacher

Mrs Rainbow (RE)
5R Class Teacher

Miss Woodington (Humanities)
5W Class Teacher


Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Miss Burrows (English)
6SB Class Teacher

Mrs Wilce (Art)
6W Class Teacher

Mrs Price
6W Class Teacher (Mon)

Mr Bickle (Maths)
6B Class Teacher

Mrs Sims
Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Miss Sluzalec
Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Miss Trescothick
Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Additional Teachers

Mrs Roe
Reading Teacher

Miss Whitney
Forest Skills Teacher

Miss Thompson
IT Teacher

Mr Wintle
Sports Coach

Ms Burns
Resource Base Teaching Assistant


Reading Assistants

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Mills

Miss Bevan

Mrs Rodman


Miss Callaghan

Mrs Reeson

Miss Horrell

Mrs Clark

Maths Assistant

Mrs Piper



Miss Jay  

  Mrs Osborne

Mrs Reeson

Miss Callaghan

Miss Arnold

Miss Bowden

Mrs Jacques

Mrs Henley

Miss Thomas

Mrs Rees

Miss Horrell

  Mr Iovannelli
  Mrs Noble
   Mrs Haskins

Speech and Language Support

Mrs Rokkas
Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs Wood
Speech and Language Teaching Assistant


Breakfast Club

Mrs Smith
Breakfast Club Leader

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Rodman

Mrs Skuse

After School Club

Mr Elsbury
After School Club Manager

Miss Bevan

Mrs Clark 


Mrs Stone

Miss Bowden


Family Support

Mr Gozra
Educational Welfare Officer

Mrs Morris
Designated Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Sims
Transition Lead
Safeguarding Support
Child Mentor



Mr Tyler

   Mr Smith
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