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Maths Leadership Team


Archie, Adam, Amber. Mia , Ale, Mia, Eloise and Louis

The maths leaders will be:

  • Taking pictures of good practice around the school to record in Maths file and put some online.
  • Creating tricky problems and investigations for more able children in their year groups.
  • Creating maths trails around the school for children to solve.
  • Helping with parents workshop.
  • Helping create the new calculation policy and videos to go on the school website.

MONITORING – Maths group has helped with monitoring how things are being used across the school such as maths boards, CPA and work in the books. They have taken pictures of books and discussed work, maths boards and discussed what they have seen.
Also giving a children’s insight into what their year groups are doing has been quite valuable.

CPA CELEBRATION BOARD – Children helped create the celebration board and discussed what we should put up. They then used apparatus to show different calculations, drew the pictures that represent those calculations and did the equations (see CPA).

CALCULATION POLICY – Pupils helped to put the calculation policy together by taking pictures of the CPA involved and the pictorial and abstract which they also created.

WEBSITE – Children looked at the old website and decided what needed to change and gave ideas for what we should do. They then created pictures for the website and discussed the improvements and other things we need to do.

VIDEOS OF CALCULATIONS FOR WEBSITE – We have started to think about calculations we would like to put on the website and need to practice ready for filming early next year.

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