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Maths Assessment

At the Park, we use a variety of assessment in order to ensure the progress of all pupils is at its highest. With regards to our formative assessment methods, we have a vigorous system in place which enables us to know exactly where our pupils are in terms of mathematical understanding. This subsequently allows us to address possible misconceptions through different interventions and perhaps most importantly, it is also used to inform our planning for that unit of mathematics.


Here is an example of a year 6 “entry test” to a subsequent unit of work on measurement. Pupils will complete this test and this will inform the teacher of any prior knowledge on this unit of maths. This will then inform their planning and maximise the learning time available.


Here is a copy of the exit test used for the same unit of work in year 6. This will be completed two weeks after finishing the unit and used to inform the teacher of the needs of each pupil, in terms of what they know and what they need to know.


Finally, a copy of the age related expectations can then be used to ensure the understanding of our pupils is in line with the national curriculum. Green would indicate a clear understanding of that strand, yellow would indicate the pupil is showing some sort of understanding and pink would indicate very little understanding.

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