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History at the Park school is great fun. We learn through exciting themes, interesting artefacts and inspiring trips. Each year group has a different area of British and worldwide history to cover, which helps build the children’s understanding of history through time and place. This varied curriculum enables children to put significant people and events into perspective and to develop their understanding of chronology.

Children start history lessons in year 1 by looking at important events in their own lives and investigating their own family trees. In year 2 children learn about significant people and events in local and British history. As children enter key stage two, they begin their historical journey through the ages, starting with the Stone Age and ending with more modern history of Britain and the rest of the world post 1945. Here are the topics that children will cover year by year in key stage two. 

Some year groups choose to use their history focus as a link to learning on school trips. The year 6 children delve into great depths with learning about World War 2 and each year get to experience the Imperial War Museum in London. This trip never fails to ignite interest and stir up curiosity and is often considered the highlight of their Autumn term.

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