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Handwriting Leadership Team


Lilia, Morgan, Ben, Illona, Ellie, Shaanti, Riley, Lucy, Mylee– Brooke and Annika.

Handwriting has been one of our school priorities this year. We have all been working hard to improve our handwriting. Reception are even learning pre-cursive letters.

As a team our aim is to monitor and continue to develop the handwriting across the school. We are going to assess and then feedback to our group about; handwriting lessons, pupil’s handwriting and adult’s handwriting. We have fortnightly meetings to discuss what is going well and our next steps.

Some members of the team will also work with a member of senior management to give out pen licences to pupils.

2015-16 Report

We meet a two to three times a term and have focused on the following:
•    Monitoring of children’s handwriting in classes
•    How often handwriting is being taught
•    Adult’s modelled handwriting
•    Use of handwriting pens
•    Keeping track of how many handwriting pens are given out
Some of our team have also been involved in giving out handwriting pens which has made them feel important and part of the process.

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