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Equalities Leadership Team


Livvy, Rukiye, Giovanna, Claudia, Daniel, Abi, Kiet, Tianna, Martha, Isabel, Ollie , Lillie, Wesley and Taye.

Term 3: Cultural rich environment

Love for languages

Term 4: Pupil questionnaires and review our findings

Term 5: KS1 and KS2 Assembly

Term 6: Celebration

Equality Report 2015-16

Over this last year our ‘Equality team’ have carried out various tasks and enjoyed monitoring how fair, diverse and supportive life is at The Park School.
The children have been very proactive in thinking of ways we can improve certain things and are consistently asking when we will be meeting next as they have more great ideas!

They have carried out a range of tasks alongside myself:

  • Looked at the clubs we offer, compared number of boys/ girls and spoken to our PE coordinators with any suggestions
  • Thought of other possible clubs to offer and how fairly these can be run!
  • Carried out a ‘cultural walk around school’- children took photos that show diversity and an environment rich in culture “we do lots about different cultures” Lillie 2W
  • Discussion around languages spoken and taught in our school- how can we promote this?   The children thought of lots of great ideas e.g. language day, buddy system etc.
  • The team made a questionnaire to ask the opinion of children ranging in ages around our school to find out if they think we are a school that offers a diverse curriculum and environment “I think there were some good suggestions” Danny Year 6

    Miss Walters

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