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Eco Leadership Team


Lewis, Keiran, Jamie, Demi-Lee, Corey, Sami, Spencer, Chelsea, Rowan, Eva, Jessica, Tyler, Oliver, Aaron, Cameron, Ben, Jessica , Vinny, Jamie and Caiden.

Some activities we will be getting involved with this year:

  • Switch off fortnight (16– 26 November)
  • Celebrate Waste Week (3-9 March)
  • British Science Week (11-20 March)
  • World Water Day (22 March)
  • World Meteorological Day (23 March)
  • National Gardening Week (11-17 April)
  • Earth Day (22 April)
  • Compost Awareness Week (2—8 May)
  • Walk to School Week (16-20 May)
  • Recycle Week (20-26 June)

Eco-Team Round Up 2016

The Eco-Team have been meeting fortnightly on a Wednesday lunchtime.  There has been some changes in its membership and understandably in the summer months there is less enthusiasm.  During the winter months the team were spurred on by the group from 5J who initiated the meetings weekly.  The committee leadership was Ben (5J) as the secretary and Oliver (5J) as the Vice-Chair and Vinny (6B) was the Chairperson. Whilst I made suggestions to the team about what sort of activities they could do and supplied the resources they began over time to manage themselves which is a lovely development to watch.  The activities that they partook in/encouraged (taken from The Pod resources) in their classrooms were:

  • Switch Off Campaign – encouraging class members to switch off the lights and projector using stickers as an incentive.
  • E-Waste campaign – the children talked to their classes about not buying new electronic equipment before it needs to be replaced and recycling the broken equipment, they put up posters around the school and sported badges themselves.
  • Helping Hands Campaign – the children carried out a survey for ‘The Friends of the Park’ to find out what sort of equipment they would like in the park if there were funding acquired for it.
  • Recycling Focus – at the Christmas Fair the children organised to have a ‘Pre-loved Bear’ stall.  They put the second hand bears into bags and sold them and also held a raffle for some of the larger bears.  This stall made £30 – more than any of the others!
  • Litter picking – the team have had a blitz every so often to pick up litter which is still one of the biggest hindrances to our eco credentials.
  • During the last term they are going to be introducing the South Glos’ recycling bins which will be across the school by September.

Over all, the team have been very successful in its first year.  It has been problematic that the children have come from the same class rather than a member/or two from each class because the message has not been consistently spread.  Hopefully some of the members will chose to join again next year and will be more spread out.  On occasion it has not been possible for me to make meetings because I have to set up a lesson over the lunchtime but it would be a bit much to meet weekly and only being in school for three days makes it a bit intense anyway.

The Eco-School activities are also taking place during my lessons with biodiversity, waste, energy, water, school grounds and litter.

Kirstin Whitney

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