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Whole Class Assemblies

Building up on theme of personal values, the school introduced children to ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory)

ELLI is a well-researched set of ideas about how people learn most effectively. It is a list of seven key skills which underpin learning. An understanding of these skills can help children become more confident and independent learners, ready to meet the challenges of 21st a century life.

Children will be introduced to these different learning skills in our whole school assemblies. Within lessons, children will learn more about how to develop these skills and apply them within the wider curriculum.

The skills can be represented by an animal:

Autumn 1 New Beginnings RESPONSIBILITY OWL

Learners are reflective and plan ahead

They think thinks through and understand the importance of planning ahead when tacking a problem

Autumn 2 Getting on and falling out CONFIDENCE TORTOISE

Learners are resilient and have stickability

Learners enjoy a challenge, try to stay positive and keep on going like a Tortoise.

They and don’t give up when confronted by a difficult situation

Spring 1 Going for Goals PRIDE CHAMELEON

Good learners can adapt to meet new situations just like Chameleons can change colour.

They can change the way they do things in order to overcome difficult challenges

Spring 2 Good to be me POSITIVITY CAT

Learners are curious and like exploring new situations

They enjoy finding things out for themselves by lots of asking questions

Pupils are active rather than passive and learners draw their own conclusions

Summer 1 Relationships EQUALITY





Learners cooperate and work well together.

They like sharing their ideas and working in teams.



Learners like to see patterns in their learning.

They consolidate they understanding by making meaningful links

Summer 2 Changes TRUST DRAGON

Learners like to look at problems in different ways

They use their imagination to find creative solutions


In addition to our whole school assemblies, the deputy heads of each key stage will hold a weekly assembly.

In Key Stage 1: E Safety and Bible Stories.

In Key Stage 2: Stories to promote thinking on a range of issues and values

Each Year group will hold an assemble to celebrate the learning of children in class.

The Cyber-Bullying Show

On Thursday 10th November the children thoroughly enjoyed watching and taking part in a fantastically informative show on how to tackle ‘cyber-bullying’. The guest performers demonstrated what we can do to help reduce the incidences of bullying at school and online. The drama production encouraged kindness, respect, resilience and empathy. The show reinforced how we can encourage positive relationships online and how we can use technology responsibly. This included ‘reporting’ and ‘logging off’ or walking away when connections are negative and nasty. We loved the show and loved learning how we can reinforce healthy social skills for children in our school!


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